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Look around you. No, really, really look around you. Not just in the mainstream news stories or the pop culture that most of the world is adopting. Really look into the side streets, the alleyways and the byways of Earth. Use Google Images with the keywords "starving children", "war destruction", "genocide victims", "refugee camps" or "extreme poverty". The story you will encounter is both staggering and sobering. More than 80% of the world's human population lives in abject poverty while the Earth enjoys a bounty year in and year out that could feed, water, clothe and house every soul on the planet several times over. Curable diseases kill millions in destitution each year, many of them helpless children, while others able to afford access to the cures survive.

Wars over scarcity and arbitrary boundaries have slaughtered millions since the dawn of human recollection and continue to do so even today while governments stubbornly refuse to negotiate boundaries that take into account systems that have existed since before the dawn of human recollection. Globalized corporations who answer to no laws ruthlessly disrupt ecosystems and inhabitants in the extraction of non-renewable resources leaving behind devastation and destruction with immunity. The detritus of humanity overfills landfills and seeps into precious fresh water supplies and when there is no more space to bury it, it is dumped into massive trash piles at sea, some measuring several hundred thousand square miles (the size of Texas in the USA). Not surprising, non-human life within our biosphere is struggling to cope with the impact of humanity upon it. From the smallest bacteria to the largest whales, the flora and fauna of Earth is barely hanging on in the face of the relentless pursuit of a lifestyle that is unsustainable and largely unregulated.

That's Earth on the ground. Now elevate. Elevate up to the distance the Apollo 17 astronauts achieved as they broke free of Earth's grasp. As you move upward from above where you are right now, above your neighborhood, above your state, above your nation, above your continent and finally out past the stratosphere you realize that the din fades away and in its place is a silence, a unity, a sacredness that every single person other than you is simply not aware of. Imagine if this message, this powerful transformative experience, could live within the hearts and minds of every single human being on this planet. Imagine how this feeling of being one would transform each and every person into a person who realizes that everything they do as an individual effects every single other person on the planet. You see the Earth is a contained system. There is no escape valve. Whatever is put in circulates the sphere and returns from whence it came.

This is why we are forming the Earth Flag Foundation. We are bringing Earth Aware to a new level. Imagine if Earth Aware was Pop Culture! The mission of The Earth Flag Foundation is to deliver this transformative experience in every way that it is possible to do so. In doing so we will usher in an age of Peace, Justice and Care of Earth.

We understand that this is not a simple story. We are not naive. We understand that there is much ignorance, tension and strife in the world today and that many issues seem irreconcilable. Until now we have bowed our heads to the gods of war and scarcity and wailed, "there is no other option". However, this is not true. There is always another option. The option we choose is best expressed in justice, or understanding. There can be no end to any conflict or gnawing inequality without justice, or understanding.

In our defense we are infants posing as a fully mature species. There is much room for growth but we must begin now. Ours is a journey that is poised to be the single most important and impactful journey humanity has ever set upon. Ours is an exciting journey, filled with adventure and discovery. Ours is the greatest journey of our time or any time. Earth Flag will be the standard that is planted as we advance. The stars are hardly the greatest frontier humanity will traverse. Right here, at home, we have a stupendous frontier awaiting us as we learn to come together sustainably as one species and become the custodians of our home and all life upon it.

How we respond to this journey will determine if we continue as a species or we do not. There is no other place to go to. This is all we have. If even one major system collapses we all die. That is a fact. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but within the lifetimes of our children or theirs. This is no longer conjecture or a probability. Since we saw our home from space, so small, so fragile, this has become a cold hard fact. Together we can make for a better world, a whole Earth.

Will you join us?

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