How We Do it

OK, fair warning. We aren't going to pull any punches and we are going to ask the hard questions. You deserve to know the truth, the hard truth. After all, you are the super hero waiting to discover your power. So here we go. Every day choices are made. Big ones and small ones. What were the choices that you made today? Did they involve having to choose which of your beloved children should eat and live and which ones were too far gone to feed? Did they involve trying to figure out how you are going to get your family out of a war torn area where the chances that you and your family were going to be hacked to pieces was almost as certain as starving to death on the way? Most likely not.

Sadly the most common choice that most of us make each and every day is whether we want fries with that burger or not or how we are going to lose all that burger and fries weight once we've eaten them. Sadly the most important choice we make each day is which television show we are going to watch in the evening or which electronic gadget we are going to upgrade to. Sadly the most common choice that we make is to spend our powerful networking super powers sharing trivial information with others when that time could be better spent. Tragically the choices we make, the small choices, are choices that could turn each and every one of us into super heroes saving hundreds of lives every day but they don't. Instead of being super heroes with our every move, our every choice, we sink into moral oblivion while 20,000 children die each and every day from lack of readily available food, selfish war and preventable disease.

The real question is this, "how much is your profit worth if it comes at the expense of even a single life?" Furthermore if your living comes from exploitation, even if you know nothing about it, then what does that say about you? Have you even investigated how the company you work for earns it's profits? If you found out you did not like what your found do you know where to go so that your work provides for your family but does not destroy the world they will live in? Do you investigate where the food you eat comes from and what happens to the people who produce that food for you to eat? If you found out and you did not like what you found do you know where to go to get the food that will stop destroying you, your family and the world we live in? Do you just take it all for granted and not care? These are THE questions of our day and they are being asked and answered every day with more and more urgency and more and more frequency. In fact every choice you make IS your answer.

So what can you do about what is going on in our world? Certainly more than what you are. Right now the single greatest shift in moral change is happening all around us. More start-up businesses involve what is called "social entrepreneurship" than any other type of business for the first time in history. For the first time in human history making a dime off of someone else's starvation or suffering is no longer acceptable. For the first time in human history the pervasive divide between those who have and those who don't is being smashed. Creativity is being employed to bring fresh water to those dying of thirst. Ingenuity is thriving putting shoes on the feet of children who die from disease they pick up through their bare feet. Bravery in the face of real danger is being wielded to free modern day slaves from human traffickers and reuniting them with their families. These bright new darlings, these super heroes, count the satisfaction of an unburdened conscience as "profit" enough. Do you know what the most shocking thing of all is? With extremely little variance, these brave souls still have more than they need. To top it off, they are, to a soul, some of the happiest people alive! None of them suffer from a crisis of meaning. This is happening NOW!

If you are resonating with what has been said here then perhaps you are thinking, "I agree things have to start changing but how can I get involved? I don't know where to begin." If that is you then it is time to join the Earth Campaign and become an Earth Trustee and join one of our Missions to Earth. This can happen in your home, on your street, in your town, across your city, state-wide, nationwide and worldwide. Nothing is stopping this from happening except the mass of humanity is simply choosing something else right now. Getting that moving in the other direction will join you up with thousands of years of those who have gone before you actualizing the best visions for all life on this planet.

Are you a part of this? If not, then perhaps this is why happiness and lasting meaning eludes you. If you want to get started just click the button below, fill out the form that appears and your efforts will join the many others who are making change for the better a reality.

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